My cartoons are always drawn by hand onto 11″ x 14″ Strathmore Bristol smooth surface paper. I have an array of stencils for various drawing purposes or whenever I need a handy straight edge and my trusty rulers are too bulky. Many cartoonists use brushes for applying ink, but I’ve always relied on art pens and markers. The drawing board and chair have been constant companions for much of my career.

Penciling is easily my favorite part of the whole process. Here I have the freedom to draw as I please, as mistakes are simply erased (or even ignored). Once it’s time to put down the ink, I must go much slower and more carefully. Mistakes and smudges, which are many, are whited out.

It’s important for me to wait a short while before breaking out the eraser, because if all of the ink is not yet dried, things can get ugly fast! Sometimes the eraser will cause ink to fade in spots, but I can easily take care of that with my pen. Once everything is done, I sign my initials to a convenient spot, making the whole thing official.